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MF United is a joint venture between Ressco and SG Companies.  Currently the organization has over 2,800 units under management and draws over 30 years of multifamily experience and expertise in property management, rehabilitation, and construction.  Our success has been driven by our core investment criteria.

MF United’s value added renovation process has allowed the company to successfully re-position assets in urban and suburban communities with a simple mission: transform nonperforming real estate properties into performing assets.  Overall, we see continued growth in our near future.


Our Portfolio

    Multifamily Property Management

    MF United’s property management arm extends over 2,800 units and brings over 30 years experience in Operations, Accounting, Human Resources, Tenant Screening, IT, Marketing, Due Diligence and Market Analysis, and Insurance. Our management team has successfully repositioned several underperforming assets by cutting delinquencies to effectively rehabbing whole communities. Whether your property is at 100% occupancy or in need of full rehab and stabilization MF United will be able to determine the appropriate actions necessary to provide a winning outcome.

    • Operations
    • Accounting/ Reporting
    • Human Resources
    • Receivership Services
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing
    • Due Diligence
    • Market Analysis
    • Training
    • Risk Management/ Insurance

    Multifamily Acquisition Criteria

    Value Added Acquisitions – 200+ units, A, B, C properties that need extensive repair or upgrades, we have successfully turned many of our communities around by adding cost effective upgrades that transform the community and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    Stabilized Assets – We are actively pursuing new opportunities within Michigan and the Mid-West, we welcome the opportunity to discuss potential acquisition and dispositions.

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